Arkturus - the Future of Process Improvement

Arkturus mines your data to give you 100% insight into how your business operates - helping you improve your processes, saving you time and money, and delivering a better customer experience.

Process Mining has never been easier

Arkturus’ unique process mining tools apply the very latest in AI and machine learning to drill down into your existing data. It creates insights and intelligence for process improvement, business compliance and new ways to engage your customers.  In doing so, Arkturus is moving towards creating a 100% accurate digital twin of the systems and processes across your organisation.    

Get Started Process Mining Today.

Instead of process discovery taking months – it takes days. Stop relying on anecdotal evidence – Arkturus is based on indisputable fact. No more dependence on BI developers taking weeks to code KPIs and benchmarks – do it yourself in minutes. Arkturus Starter Packs include everything you need to map a process through your business including up to 100 hours of Data Analyst and Consulting time. 

“Arkturus is the leading AI driven, Process Improvement platform developed in Australasia. It is transforming global process improvement methodologies – no enterprise should start a business improvement project without it.”

Using Arkturus for Process Improvement

There are numerous reasons why organisations like yours use Arkturus to drive business change – here are just a few:


Put real time insights
– in sight

  • Understand how and why processes are currently operating. No guesswork, no anecdotes.
  • Get fact-based process intelligence to streamline decisions.
  • Accurately measure and quantify the impact of process change, instantly.


Plan for change with
fact-based clarity

  • Understand where your business is at now, in order to plan for transformation with certainty.
  • Underpin your transformation journey with factual insights.
  • Get the power to project and enquire with the benefit of powerful visualisation.

Risk and

Mitigate risks and
control compliance costs

  • Define model processes and acceptable variances, and detect non-conformance automatically.
  • Define compliance rules and detect violations in near real time.
  • Get early warning on non-compliance so you can fix issues before they escalate.

Robotic Process

Put in place the fact-based
foundations for RPA

  • Gartner says you need to know how a process is actually functioning before you automate any part of it.
  • Accurately measure the impact of your RPA initiatives.
  • Measure the impact holistically also to ensure you don’t just “shift” the bottlenecks.

Understand the Arkturus advantage

Arkturus does more than just achieve far greater ROI on your change projects. It gives you and your team a confidence in making decisions that you’ve never had before. Plus, Arkturus process intelligence, analytics and reporting modules unequivocally prove the results you’ve achieved.
Arkturus gives you the ability to do this not just once – but over and over again – continuously improving your business performance.

Decision Making

No more relying on just user perception and anecdotal evidence

  • See absolutely everything that occurs in your business processes, factually derived from your system data.
  • Fact-based impact assessment up-front to set your priorities, not based on sometimes inaccurate perception.
  • Root cause analysis based on easy to use but effective data analysis.

Process improvement

All in one mining, mapping, management and intelligence

  • Smart analytical features means more thought can be spent on analysis resulting in better improvements.
  • Very granular, codeless KPIs and metrics defined visually means more accurate measurement of changes.
  • Complete view of process means you can see impacts in the wider context.

Increased productivity
= Lower Cost

Get more done,
with less resources

  • Advanced analytical features means faster and more effective work, enabling you to do more.
  • Much less reliance on technical teams and delays to respond to data requests for your analysis.
  • Instant, codeless KPIs and metrics means less reliance and cost for technical teams to write reports.

Faster Speed,
Shorter Duration

Powerful analytics, accurate
results, less delays

  • Visual, interactive analytical features means instant answers to your questions.
  • Fast process discovery based on system data lets you start analysis and improvement earlier.
  • Create KPIs and metrics without code and deploy to user dashboards instantly.

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