More than simply Process Mining

Arkturus powerful AI platform lets you make better decisions, faster

Process Mining made simple with Arkturus

No more multiple tools, applications and consultants. Arkturus Process Mining tools do it all; often with no additional coding or customisation required.

The data selection, loading and process can be done by your team – or our team can do it for you. It has never been easier to use Process Mining to save costs and make better decisions across your business.

End-to-end Visibility

Imagine being able see exactly what goes on in your business in graphic form.

In contrast to more traditional methods of process improvement, this single view of your organisation is based on data – so it is factual and not vulnerable to human interpretation. This saves you money and time compared to the traditional approach. It reduces the time-to-value for change projects and mitigates their risk.

Arkturus takes business process mining to the next level

Unleash the power of process intelligence: see exactly what goes on in your business in graphic form.

Process Mining automatically analyses and charts the flow of your business operations based on your system data. But it’s what Arkturus does with the mined data which makes it so different.
Arkturus combines business process mining with AI driven machine learning to generate unique algorithms and mathematical models, to take process improvement to the next level.
Its feature rich, data-based, process intelligence allows you to form a deep understanding of your business processes. According to Gartner this is a prerequisite for Enterprise Artificial Intelligence and the first step in the future of process improvement – creating a digital twin of your organisation.


Arkturus gives you a complete, factual picture of your business processes.

  • Combine process analysis/monitoring with rich pathway visualisation
  • Dashboards and data integration, in a single solution, for end-to-end visibility
  • Quick impact analysis of issues for prioritisation (not anecdotal)

Fast Analysis

Arkturus makes it fast and easy to upload business process data.

  • Analyse processes in great depth using intuitive app-like user experience
  • Ask questions/get answers without the need for coding or technical resources
  • Identify the best improvements to make – interrogate change scenarios in depth

Advanced Measures

Create KPIs or metrics for any part of any process, at any level.

  • Change inputs and get measures instantly. No latency.
  • Measure the impact of changes you make (without using code).
  • Chart these to see the change points and impact compared with your baseline

Power to Innovate

Arkturus puts Process Intelligence into the hands of today’s innovators.

  • Empower analysts to do deep analysis without technical resource.
  • Stay competitive and agile in an age of innovation.
  • Future-proof the path to Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (and creating a digital twin).

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