Get Started with RPA Implementation

Arkturus Robotic Process Automation
(RPA) Starter Pack

For anyone about to embark on an RPA project – it is critical you identify and understand in detail the processes you’re trying to automate.  Most importantly – you want to be able to capture all the IP related to your current state. Then be able to use it as a benchmark to immediately understand the level of performance improvement post automation. You can identify issues or any negative impact during or shortly after implementation – minimising business risk.

It is also important to understand the exceptions – those parts of the processes where flows can’t be standardised or there is a high requirement for human intervention.  Mining the processes in advance, can dramatically speed up the selection of processes for RPA across your business.

Roles typically interested in the
RPA Starter Pack

Operations Managers, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, business transformation specialists, Change Managers and RPA consultants or vendors.

What you get with your Starter Pack

Starter Packs are priced to be affordable taking into account a range of variable factors including process complexity.  The one-off fee includes over 100 hours of data scientist, data engineer and consultant time.  Contact us today for a quote.

◾ Mining of one simple process through your business including data loading and processing.

◾ Full set of dashboards and process visualisations detailing how the process is actually operating, so you can truly understand the process before automating it.

◾ Full, interactive, process analysis tool to assist with identifying issues and improvement opportunities, and measurement of applied RPA implementation(s).

◾ Presentation of an “Insights Pack” to your key stakeholders at a workshop run by the project consultant, including identification of key-candidate processes for your RPA project.

◾ 90 day subscription to the Arkturus process mining platform (post dashboard delivery) to enable the measurement of RPA implementation(s).

◾ Training for the Arkturus process mining platform and methodology.

◾ Arkturus project consultant (who will be your key point of contact).

◾ Arkturus data scientist assigned to your project.

Note: Starter Pack assumes the same data sets will be used pre and post RPA.

The Arkturus 7-Step Approach

Typically delivered within 30 days (dependent on availability and responsiveness of your team).

Step One: Plan

Project-start meeting with your key stakeholders, Arkturus project lead and data scientist.  Out of that meeting a written project charter will be signed off by all parties to agree scope, objectives, resources and timing.

Step Two: Discover

Discovery sessions with your subject matter experts and relevant technical people to capture an overview of the process and identify available data sources.

Step Three: Define

Your Arkturus data scientist defines the data requirements – this is validated by your key stakeholders and the data is extracted.

Step Four: Visualise

The data extracts are processed by the Arkturus Process Mining platform and the Arkturus Data Scientist produces initial process visualisations.

Step Five: Validate

The initial process visuals are validated with your subject matter experts / stakeholders. Any adjustments required are made by the Data Scientist.

An Insights workshop is booked 5 working days from this point.

Step Six: Knowledge Transfer and Insight

We work with your team to understand and flesh out the key insights that align with the project objective. Training is provided on the Process Mining platform and methodology, customised to accommodate your way of working. The Starter Project dashboards, interactive models and insights are presented at the Insight Workshop with your key stakeholders. An RPA initiative for implementation and tracking is identified at this meeting.

Step Seven: Action

The Arkturus platform is used during the 90 day period to assist with analysis and measurement while the initiative is implemented.

What happens after the Starter Pack?

The next steps are identified during the 90 day subscription period.  These can include: 

Continue: continue to use Arkturus for ongoing RPA initiatives for the process.

Expand: increase the scope for Arkturus to provide more resource to assist with other project deliverables (depending on internal resource capacity).

Duplicate: run another Starter Pack project for a difference process – we don’t put a limit on how many ‘Starter Packs’ you can run. 

 NB: Additional resource cost and/or subscription costs to be advised.