Process Mining, Process Intelligence and EDT

A rapidly evolving branch of data science, at the heart of how Arkturus delivers the future of process improvement, today.

What is Process Mapping and Process Mining?

Process Mapping is simply the mapping or drawing of a business process using a diagramming tool such as Visio, Lucid Chart – or a more sophisticated Business Process Management tool, like Nintex Promapp. The problem with process mapping is you still need to discover the business process in the traditional way. That is, manually, with all of the disadvantages it entails. Enter, process mining.

Process Mining is a branch of data mining that automatically generates a process map from system data. Instead of relying on user perception and anecdotal evidence, process mining can automatically paint a true and complete picture that reflects what really happens in your organisation.

When people carry out their daily tasks on various business processes, evidence of this activity is stored in your company’s various systems. Data from multiple systems can be combined to form a complete view of your business process.

While Process Mining is a major leap forward from Process Mapping, the real advantage lies in how you use this foundation of understanding.

What is Process Intelligence?

Arkturus uses process mining as a foundation, and combines it with other analytical techniques and leading-edge data tools to form a deep understanding of your business processes.

It uses this intelligence to create a clear, interactive picture with analytical tools to investigate problem areas – plus perform impact and root cause analysis. You can then distinguish the wood from the trees. Converting data into knowledge and finding actionable intelligence to improve your process efficiency and customer experience.

In addition, continuous monitoring of your process performance and data, provides you with measurement and reporting. Benefit from tracking against KPIs for proactive notifications of compliance or jeopardy issues.

What is the Enterprise Digital Twin?

The Enterprise Digital Twin (EDT) is a digital model that represents an organisation’s processes, systems, physical assets and people. Their dependencies and inter-relationships.

The EDT is the next stage of your organisational transformation. It has benefits for an enterprise from three broad perspectives: Past, Present and Future.

  • Past – the EDT helps an organisation understand their process historical data. Deep analysis of this data can diagnose the cause of recent performance issues;
  • Present – the EDT measures and reports the current performance of processes. It can send real-time notifications for any compliance issues;
  • Future – the EDT can answer questions about future performance (in the form of “what-if” analysis and simulations). Future strategies can be produced in the form of resource and capacity planning, plus predictions.

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